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How To Be Your Own Teacher In Your Life.

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"Sometimes the best teacher is yourself." I have alwaysfelt this way in my life. Of all the secrets forsurvival in school, the one that speaks most directly tome are being Positive and open." How you carry yourselfin being confident in the work that we can do and canaccomplish. I have learned being in my first year ofcollege that my homework could be a little difficult attimes, and I started out pretty tough. Working andtrying to take care of a family, on top of that, goingto school part time. Believe me, doing all this was veryhard at first. My struggle was trying to cope with a newschedule. Of course a new sleep pattern. I've learned tokeep my head up high and strong and keep on moving.Realizing that this is only the beginning and that I cando this with the help by my encouraging teachers and mywonderful husband. If you view things in positive waythen everything you do will pay off in a long run.My goal of only being at a community college for twoyears seems like forever. In my case, starting collegeat the age of twenty-six is a battle. I'm a newly wed,two kids of my own and a stepson. To top it off, I workfull time. My first two years I will be taking my basicclasses and then this will set the flow of everythingfor my future. I would like to express some thoughts toothers that are just finishing up high school, and thatis to not have fear when going straight to college. Forthat way you don't have to retake your basic classesagain, depending on your...

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