How To Beat Online Plagiarism Essay

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How to Beat Online Plagiarism

Plagiarism is best described as copying someone else's work and putting your name on it without giving the original author any credit for his or her work. It is a problem that has existed in academia for centuries, since the creation of text documents. Original methods of plagiarism were limited, however, to copying by hand the work of another person from sources found in libraries and other books and magazines. This form of plagiarism, while it still existed was not simple to perform in that the student would continue to be forced to find and read text that was relevant to his or her project. This process has changed within the 1990's as a result of the Internet. Students may now find countless articles on any desired topic available at their fingertips. Julie J.C.H. Ryan, an information security consultant, wrote "before the world was linked to the Internet, hard-to-detect plagiarism required ingenuity and skill. But today, with the click of a mouse, even technologically inept students have access to vast information resources in cyberspace without having to leave the comforts of their dorm rooms" . Essays may be found online concerning almost any topic imagined, making it very simple to plagiarize. Some of these essays are found in full text study-guide sites, where students are paid to write critiques on different works of literature. To a student who finds pleasure in stealing another students work, these sites are a great haven, especially if the topics written about and topics needed are similar. Fortunately, technology has been able to keep up with this problem and available now are a few simple ways for teachers to "check up" on their students, and help fight the problem of online plagiarism. This essay will discuss the problem of online plagiarism and elaborate on ways that it can be beat.

Plagiarism is a serious problem within any academic society. While harsh penalties for plagiarizing often involve failing that specific class, or removal from the learning institute altogether, the problem continues to exist. is a web-site devoted to information concerning plagiarism. The site defines the problem of plagiarism as "one of the most serious offenses in the academic world" . This site goes on to say that 30 percent of students may be plagiarizing on all the assignments they complete, and that four out of five students admit to cheating at least once. These numbers are shockingly high, especially for a society such as ours within North America that consists of such high standards of achievement in education.

Unfortunately, there are many sites available that can fuel any plagiarists' endeavors. Online, it is believed that up to 200 cheat sites exist where students may find essays previously submitted by other students and teachers. Most famous in this type of online "resource" include:,, and 2. These sites can be accessed by...

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