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How To Become A Better Musician By Creating A Balanced Practice Schedule

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How to become a better musician bycreating a balanced practice scheduleThere are many elements that make great musicians stand apart from the others. What and how much they accomplish during their practice time is the key to their success. Having a plan and a schedule will allow you to see and meet your goals much sooner with less practice time. It is not always about how much time you put in, but about what you make of the time you have. Here are 10 keys to balancing your practice time, in no particular order or importance. In my future articles, I will talk about each key point in detail.1) Technique Exercises2) Chords and 3rd String Triads3) Songwriting and Recording4) Improvisation5) Rhythm6) Sight Reading & Chord Charts7) Playing and Creating music in all 12 keys8) Fret Board Awareness9) Playing and Transcribing Songs10) Ear Training and Theory* = To be explained in future articles.Technique Exercises(Scales, modes, sequences, arpeggios, string skipping, tremolo picking, bends, vibrato, legato, slides, pedal points, tapping & 8 finger tapping, chromatics, left hand muting, right hand muting, endurance, coordination, picking technique, picking while plucking, using both hands efficiently, practicing with a metronome)Chords and 3rd String Triads(3 string triads, 4th, 5th, 6th string open and barred, 7th chords, Jazz voicings, added tone chords, chord extensions, inversions) Songwriting and Recording(Working in one key, multiple keys, modulations, transitions, dynamic changes, tempo changes, song structure development and expansion, thin layering, thick layering, counter and contrary melodies, harmonizing, editing, producing, analyze and write out the arrangement of others bands songs, use visual composing*, spoken composing*, artistic composing*, humming into a hand held recorder, getting familiar with recording and all that goes along with it, finding your sound, critiquing others recordings-tones-mixes-effects, take note of cool ideas you hear by making a computer document that you can list them on)Improvisation(Soloing alone, with a metronome, using a drum track, instructional cd, your personal cd collection, with other musicians, vocal mimicking and imitation*, instrument mirroring*)Rhythms(Reading, writing, saying, Reading while playing and saying together, odd meter)Sight Reading and Chord Charts(Practice playing just the notes, then saying out loud just the notation letters, saying the letters in rhythm only, saying in rhythm along to a metronome, saying while playing the notes, saying and playing to the rhythms, saying and playing in rhythm to a metronome, playing the chord chart with open string chords (if possible), then play with bar chords on only the 6th string, then only the 5th string, then only the 4th string, then blend 6th and 5th string, then 5th and 4th string, then try to play the songs chords in one or two positions by using the 6th, 5th and 4th strings, then go back and play the chord charts in 1st inversion...

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