How To Become A Bow Hunter

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Bow hunting can be a fun and exiting sport to do. But first you must learn how to do so. There several steps involved becoming a successful bow-hunter. You must have proper equipment, good hunting habitat, and skill with a little technique.
Have a nice bow with comfortable poundage that you can draw back easily fully dressed. Too much poundage will surely give you away. A compound bow or a recurve bow will both work well. Compound bows are more expensive and are require frequent tuning. Recurve bows are simple and quite. The choice is up to you.

Bow hunting is relatively not a cheap sport to do. You must first purchase a tree stand with a ladder or some type of portable ground blind. Set your tree stand in an area you are familiar with. This will help in many ways. If you do happen to shoot a deer you will know the area to better your chances to track it after the fatal shot. Know where the deer are coming from. Knowing which way the deer are coming from will not startle you and cause you to move unexpectedly. Knowing where the deer are coming from will allow you to set your stand downwind so the deer cannot smell you. This ultimately will better your chances. Both your tree stand and ladder should be light. You will have to carry both of these items to your hunting spot. Setting you ladder and carrying your tree stand up the tree will be less strenuous with lighter equipment.
Next have the right clothing on. Purchase something that is warm. Bow hunting is a very cold sport, especially in winter. Sitting in your stand for three or four hours at a time can be very hard if you’re not dressed properly. Have thin gloves for shooting your bow and very warm boots since it will be your feet to get cold first. If you have a loose budget, there are a variety of Gore-Tex waterproof and scent-lok garments for the serious bow- hunter.

If you happen to be very lucky and have an ATV this will assist you like no tomorrow. Any kind of ATV will help. As...

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