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How To Become A Football Coach

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The process of becoming a great Coach requires a mix of intelligence, time, hard work, dedication, and knowledge of the sport that someone is coaching. Coaches have the opportunity to impact the players life in a huge way. Most players want to look up to their coach; because that is how influential that they can be in life. The goals every year of a coach is to win a conference championship and win a major championship. The goals vary every year for certain teams and coaches. A reason to become a coach could be the influence that coaches had on one’s childhood growing up, as coaches are usually looked at as great role models. (Foster)
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A college head coach must be able to recruit players, schedule opponents for the team to play against or scrimmage against, schedule and lead training camps and practices. A coach might tallow the player to go back and look at some of the plays he thinks he did well in and let him highlight himself in the plays and send the highlight film to different colleges to help them be recruited. He must also be able to coach the team members. The head coach along with the other coaches in college must follow the rules and regulations by the college that he attends and the NCAA. If the program the head coach is at is not doing well, all the critics usually look at him and he take all of the criticism because he is suppose to lead the team and he has the most pressure to lose his job over the Offensive Coordinator or Defensive Coordinator. (College, BSC)
A head coach in college must have a Bachelor’s degree in whatever he decided to study in college, preferably athletic training or physical education. A Master’s degree is preferred from most every college for the head coaches. The coach must have a strong commitment to the Student – Athlete concept and a working knowledge of the NCAA regulations is required. To become a head coach the coach must of exhibited effective leadership, communication, coaching, and recruiting skills for 3 to 5 years at a college level. He must be an expert in technique and strategy for the game. The coach must have knowledge of the football organizations mandate standards of conduct, recruiting, and competition. If he breaks any of the rules it can bring in game penalties and if real bad he can be terminated. (College, BSC)
The salary of a head coach in college all depends in how big the school is and if it is D1 or D2. How much a coach is paid is also based off of the experience and how long the coach has coached there or in the NCAA. The highest paid college head coach is Nick Saban from Alabama and he is paid $5,545,852 as of 2013. The lowest paid coach was Todd Berry from Louisiana-Monroe and he made $288,268 as of 2013. That is a difference of $5,257,584. The average salary of head coaches at major colleges was about $1.64 million in 2012. (Steve Berkowitz) The highest paid NFL head coach is Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints and he is paid $8,000,000 and the lowest paid coach is Rod Chudzinski of the Cleveland Browns and he is paid $2,000,000. The average salary of NFL head coaches is about $4,602,275. (Coaches Hot Seat)
The BLS expects job growth of 29 percent for coaches in all sports between 2010 and 2020. The market for coaching jobs at the college and professional levels is extremely competitive. (Steve Berkowitz) College and NFL coaches work 12 to 16 hour days, seven days a week during football season. Coaches must be completely dedicated to their job and have enough time to fulfill all of his duties during the season and during the off-season.
Assistant coaches on the other hand have different roles...

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