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How To Become A True War Hero

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When I read this story I believed it failed to successfully succeed as a true war story. I have a few key reasons on why I believe it failed. The story kept jumping back and forth, it was not just one war story it was many, and the way the man got into detail is three important reasons on why I believe this story failed. There is many other reasons why but I believe these are main reasons. Even though I believe the story failed the writer did get into great detail and showed people what war life is really like. The man also showed you what war does to a human being and how it affects the way you speak, act, and react to certain things when you are discharged from war. Now I will give you my three reasons with evidence with my opinion on why I think this story failed.As they story kept going on it jumped back and forth. The man jumped around in his story, I would be reading about the letter from rat and then it would go into what a war story should be. If I was the writer I would have given my opinion on what I believe a war story should be then I would tell the readers the story of how the man was killed fooling around with his best friend. The story also added another story into while it was jumping around with the other two. The writer has to make sure all his stories are together as one not many short stories that jump around. It may get confusing for some readers and annoying to others. I became annoyed cause I would get into one story then another one would start. The story also confused me a little because the third story started talking about seven or eight men on a mountain top and I do not know if they went crazy or if they really heard people talking.The story also failed because it was many short stories combined into one big one. It started out as rat writing a letter to his friends sister, then it went to what a war story should be about, then it went to being a half dozen men on a mountain top that either went nuts or just missed their targets. The man did indeed right a interesting story but it was confusing...

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