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How To Become A World Champion Bull Rider

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(Beachbody, LLC)Levi Nelson
Mrs. Armbrust
English 1
26 March 2014
How to Become a World Champion
Have you ever thought or dreamt about making a living eight seconds at a time? Have you ever thought of crawling on a one ton bad bovine with horns the size of baseball bats? Have you ever thought about working all year at a sport you love so much and come away at the end with a million dollar check? If so, you are dreaming of being a world champion bull rider. World champion bull riders have to work out, eat right, drill, meditate, and love the sport.
In 1992, a group of 20 visionary bull riders broke away from rodeo seeking better bulls and better money to form a bull rider’s only association. They met in a hotel room in Arizona and put up 1,000 each to form what is now know as the PBR. The PBR became popular in the Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil for the money and top bulls. At the end of the season, the world champion rider wins a one million dollar bonus. On average an event winner brings home about $35,000. However, not anybody can hop on the PBR tour and make these large sums of money, one has to earn their way through the Touring Pro Division also known as the Velocity tour (Professional Bull Riders, Inc).
An athlete’s body is like a machine, it only runs as good as the fuel they put in it! Bacon is a food that is full of salt and not all athletes need that, it also has minimal protein and lots of saturated fat. Energy drinks and soda are sugar filled drinks that give a short term energy boost. Any foods with hydrogenated oils and Trans fats, such as potato chips have a lot to do with belly fat and obesity, this is one should be avoided no matter what! Alcohol is full of empty calories, which makes training and recovery difficult. Another food that is harmful is cheese puffs, most do not even have real cheese on them, but salt sprinkled on for flavor. Grain based deserts are full of sugar and saturated fats all the things that aren’t needed to be a successful athlete (DeHority). Some of the most helpful foods and drinks for athletes are chocolate milk, tart cherries, salmon, almonds, oatmeal, and low fat yogurt (Knappenberger).

While a lot of riders will wake up early to go workout at the gym, JB Mauney jokes of foregoing a trip to the gym and instead sharing Pop-Tarts with his daughter for breakfast. He works on his ranch, rides horses, and every day he stands on a 12 pound medicine ball while watching film of great rides. He could literally roll the ball into the middle of a room; step on it and it wouldn’t as much as wobble. Because it’s only the size of a basketball, Mauney said it initially would “shoot out from underneath” him quick and easy, so he learned how to shift his weight just as fast and gather...

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