How To Best Help A Friend Who Is Dealing With Depression

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Almost everyone has experienced depression one way or another, whether it has been first hand, or they have known someone with it. It is sometimes hidden well, or misrecognized as a mood swing. Some people may just think a friend is being distant, or mad at them, but the truth is an estimated one in every ten people in the United States is dealing with a form of depression. And although the issue of depression itself may not be “solvable,” it can be controlled and reduced by the efforts of friends and family members around those suffering. Depression among teenagers is very common and can be caused by a large array of things. Academic stress, sexual orientation, social anxiety and peer ...view middle of the document...

No one really can realize the impact depression has on a life and how serious it can be until it is too late for the person they love. It is up to us to be a crutch for them to lean on when they feel helpless and overpowered by this disorder. Depression can lead to other issues and disorders developing such as eating disorders and self-harm. It is imperative to help anybody dealing with depression get help as soon as possible and find treatment so the issues at hand do not start to spiral out of control. People with depression feel taken as prisoner locked up in their own mind, defeated by the lies about not being good enough or cared about. As a friend or family member, speaking up for someone who is too dejected or ashamed to speak for themselves about how they feel or what is going on inside their head truly can help save a life. Depression is a sensitive subject to bring up to a person because it is so hard to diagnose and not always clear to see, but those around them have to take that step forward if they feel something is wrong, because it could be a conversation that gets somebody the help they need.
Coming from a person who has dealt with the battle of depression, a simple smile, hug, or conversation to show that someone cares honestly does help turn on the lights in the darkness depression provokes in the mind and helps a person feel loved and less lonely. There are so many aspects of depression that cannot be overlooked or taken lightly. Making sure the victim of depression is eating healthy is one way to stop the degrading of one’s health, and keep them from falling further into their depression. People with...

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