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How To Build A Dominant Gaming Computer

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So you’re thinking about building a gaming computer from scratch? Well I can explain a few things that will help you on your journey. Gaming desktops/rigs take a lot of energy, so don’t go crazy when you see next month’s electricity bill. Assuming you have a good amount of money, then I will be telling you how much the items are, and what sizes you should get. I will list these items off in order from what you should be looking up first. First you will need to buy a case, this is one of the cheapest items on your list. Most cases are the same, they just vary from size, airflow, noise, number of drive bays, front ports, cable management, and look. Depending on which one you get it could cost ...view middle of the document...

Sixth will be your storage. Hard drive(s) (HDD) is the first thing most people think of when they hear that word. They will be the internal storage of your computer. Since this a gaming laptop, you’ll need a high amount of space available for storage. Nowadays most 1-2 terabyte (TB) hard drive(s) sell for under $100. One thing to note is that if you will be storing a lot of media, such as pictures, videos/movies, and music, then you might want to consider getting a “passport” external hard drive. These are small hard drives that hold a lot of space. You can get a pretty decent one (500 megabytes) for about $50-$75. A solid state drive(s) (SSD) is something that you definitely will want to consider as they load things faster than a hard drive would. You can store games on one of these bad boys, and whenever you choose to load one it will boot up faster than on a hard drive. You can usually get by with just getting a SSD that has around 550 megabytes, and you can find one for around $200. The seventh item you will need to purchase will be an optical drive. This is just the fancy way of saying a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive. If you want to burn Blu-ray discs faster, then you would want an optical drive with a high write speed. Depending on which one you get, and what you’ll be using it for you can most likely find...

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