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How To Build A Learning Organization In Nokia

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In 21st century, more and more people began to ask which the core competence of enterprise is indeed. Then the same answer will be given commonly-human resource. Yes, of course. Person with ability is the fundamentality of a company development. However, how to find the person with ability and how to ensure today's person with ability is the person with ability of tomorrow is really a question to the business man. Jack Welch (2001) who is the CEO of General Motor said that we know we can learn from other companies. Inside, outside, up and down the organization. The world's intellect is ours because we are always looking for it. (1)According to that, many enterprises have recognized the commercial significance of organizational learning - and the notion of the 'learning organization' has been a central orienting point in it.Surprisingly, a clear definition of learning organization has proved to be elusive over the years. Organizational theorists have studied learning for a long time it was in this context that Peter Senge (1990) began to explore 'The art and practice of the learning organization'. Over 750,000 copies of The Fifth Discipline (1990) were sold in the decade following its publication - and it is probably this book that has been the most significant factor in popularizing the notion of the learning organization. (2) Then Pedler et. al (1997) suggested The Learning Company is a vision of what might be possible. It is not brought about simply by training individuals; it can only happen as a result of learning at the whole organization level. Learning Company is an organization that facilitates the learning of all its members and continuously transforms itself. Dixon (1994) added to the concept, suggesting that organizational learning, a key characteristic of a learning company, can be defined as the intentional use of learning processes at the individual, group and system level to continuously transform the organization in direction that is increasingly satisfying to its stakeholders.(3)Base on these definition of learning organization, we can see that A learning organization is an organization that skilled at innovation, obtaining and transferring knowledge or technology, and beyond itself at last. The members in the origination have the common goals and targets and go-aheadism. They can learn from each other and developed together.According to the concept above, in the case though Nokia is the world's leading mobile phone supplier and a leading supplier of mobile now, it haven't build its company a learning organization successfully. It did badly in 3 aspects of learning organization building and if the corporation wanted a better future it must consummate the 3 aspects.The first aspect is the corporation's innovation of its knowledge and technology. Though ollila has structured Nokia to be very nonhierarchical and this kind of hands-off management encourages creativity, entrepreneurship and personal responsibility, it didn't build the...

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