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How To Develop An Ethical Organization

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The purpose of this paper is to describe how I would improve the ethical culture of an organization that I have recently joined. The organization has been through recent ethical scandals and the board is looking to me to improve the ethical culture. This paper will be written in a leadership journal format.Problem Statement: Recent ethical scandals require us to improve the ethical cultureI would like to relate a real challenge that I experienced recently in hopes that it may enlighten others who may be confronted with improving the ethical culture within their organization. It began when the organization I had recently joined had experienced recent ethical scandals and the board was looking to me to improve the ethical culture. Before I began the task of improving the ethical culture of our organization I seemed to be so distant from the very high profile corporate ethics issues of today. But, after being assigned the task of improving ethical culture I began to wonder if we were any different from Kenneth Lay CEO of Enron, Scott Sullivan CFO of World Com, and the family business bungling of Adelphia? We only hear about these cases because they are high profile incidents that crossed way over the ethical boundaries of good business and corporate social responsibility, and became criminal acts. These criminal acts defrauded individual employees of funds they thought where safe, and defrauded our government out of tax dollars.I do not know what drives these individuals but it is an uncomfortable trend to see when managers on the corporate ladder can put themselves above the law. Our organization may not be too distant from this type of unacceptable corporate social responsibility, and I am sure illegal and unethical behavior is going on at the lower levels of our organization if it was tolerated at the top. I questioned where do I start?Organize: Assemble a team and Outline PrioritiesThe first thing that needed to be done was to assemble a team of experts for assistance with this task. I was looking for member who are who is looked up to as ethical role models, this will help to ensure 'buy in' during implementation of the changes needed to improve the ethical culture.Also included at the inception of this effort it was imperative to ensure that all corporate activities are ethical, legal, and within all regulatory guidelines (KLM Management Consultation, 2003). We needed to understand where we stood on regulatory issues as soon as possible. We could not endure another legal or ethical scandal.Secondly, because actions right or wrong arise from character, an ethics strategy was needed to provide a road map for ensuring the ongoing development of individual and organizational character. This is generally accomplished through the institution of "ethics programs" to train employees.And finally, the ethics strategy needed to be developed to provide for monitoring and policing organizational activities to minimize and prevent ethical and legal...

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