How To Buy A Car 'as Is" Gone Wrong

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We are faced with new experiences in life. There are some that we can be thrown into and figure things out and there are others that we should have some sort of background on before leaping in head first. When you look at your longstanding and not-so-trusty clunker and decide it’s time for something new, you’re going to be eager to head out and go car shopping. This is one of those things in life that we should learn some background on before gritting our teeth and plunging in. It won’t hurt to drive your clunker around just a bit longer while you shop around. Don’t get me wrong, buying on a whim has been done by tons of people, but it’s possible that you’re going to leave with your new car ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, if your old “clunker” is still in pretty good shape, you could also consider trading it in as a down payment or to supplement your down payment. Be cautious though to make sure you’re getting what your car is worth when you trade it in. Sometimes it is better to sell your car yourself if you can, for you may get more money for it.
Another thing that should be considered is what you expect out of your vehicle. A soccer mom and a college teenager are going to have completely different needs and expectations. You can decide your needs based on what you use your vehicle for. It is pretty simple to assess your needs. If you frequently use your vehicle to haul things, a truck would most likely suit you best. However, if you drive an hour or more to get to where you need to be daily, you should keep in mind the gas mileage when looking for a car. You should also consider whether you need four-wheel drive where you live, whether it be year-round or just in the winter. You should also consider your children, if you have any or plan to in the near future. You probably don’t want to struggle with the pain of getting them in and out of a two door car. Your current lifestyle and future are things to take into consideration when shopping for your new automobile.
When looking to buy a car, there are many places you can go to get the trusty automobile you’ve wanted for a while. Some places to look for a vehicle would include online, family, friends and coworkers, new-car dealerships, used car dealerships, and some body or mechanic shops. Things to be wary of though when buying online is the lack of warranty or any laws considering if you bought a “lemon” or a bad car. You should have thirty days to go back to where you bought it and return it or have them fix whatever the problem may be. Also, be careful and be sure you don’t ever sign anything that says “AS IS.” Those words are deadly and mean that they’re not responsible for anything currently wrong with the car. If buying used, whether from a dealership or private sellers, you should have your mechanic do a complete inspection before buying. This will ensure you’re not stuck with unexpected damages that happen later from buying a junky car.
Now, I know you’re eager to get out and sign some papers and drive away in your new car but first, we need to do some research. This means you should shop around a little bit without actually shopping around. Check out what your friends and family are driving and ask them questions about their vehicle and what they paid for it and where. Shopping online is also very beneficial. It allows you to learn the competition. You can learn a lot by looking at consumer reports also. Most of them bought their car on a whim and later learned why it was or wasn’t the car for them. You can use them and their knowledge to help you. You can also check out magazines and other car-based websites. Checking out the safety ratings on the vehicle you’re scoping out can also...

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