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How To Buy A Computer Essay

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In an ever-growing technologic world the need for a computer becomes almost a necessity than a luxury. With so many options out in the marketplace it can get overwhelming and exhausting to know what to look for when purchasing a computer. I would put a sentence showing why it is confusing, like I described in your notes. So you might ask yourself how do I go about buying a computer and what should I be looking for? The components of a computer and understanding their function are the main determining factors when looking to make a purchase.
Starting with the most important component that affects not only performance but also cost is the video card. The video card is responsible for ...view middle of the document...

Hard drives are the components of the computer in charge of storing not only the operating system of the computer but also any information the user requests. In the world today, the most common uses of hard drives would be storing pictures, songs, movies, shows, programs etc. Hard drives measure the amount of information that can be retained in either gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB), of which is a determining factor on what is needed for the intended use of the computer. There is a subsection to hard drives in the sense the speed at which the hard drive spins is also a factor. The two most common speeds are 5400rpm and 7200rpm, and depending on which is chosen affects performance of the computer by limiting on how fast information can be read and written to the hard drive. Faster speeds are always better at giving performance boosts in all aspects of the computer since most data is stored long term on the hard drive.
RAM is another abbreviation that consumers will recognize and stands for read access memory, this breaks down to simple terms as the short-term memory of the computer for storing and recalling information. The memory of the computer is also measured in gigabytes, and larger is usually better unless simple small tasks are being used. Larger sizes only boost the performance of the computer if extensive video or gaming is being used and large amounts of that data needs to be recalled at a moments notice.
Monitor or display size is another component that must be considered since it could affect the overall experience of using the computer. A graphic design specialist may require multiple monitors or one large one whereas a commuter might need portability. The larger the monitor size the more power is required to run and also the demand that is placed on the video card to display the size required to be viewed. The larger the screens size the more pixels that make up the display resulting in a faster video card needed to keep up with the resolution. This also goes to show that graphic intense or video streaming will require a larger cost on the computer for a higher view ability range, whereas a word processing and internet surfing experience will require a smaller cost and screen...

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