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How To Buy Good Cigars As A Gift

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Most men enjoy smoking good cigars from time to time, even if they aren't fulltime patrons of the gentlemanly art. As a novice cigar smoker, you may not have considered cigars as a gift. And even if you have, you could likely use a few pointers.

Gifting cigars to relatives, friends, colleagues or clients is not as easy as buying them for yourself. But, with a little upfront effort, you can choose good cigar gifts.

Are there Right or Wrong Gift Cigars?

Let's begin by crossing-off cigars that will just cost you time and money. The right cigar is subjective to its human. Good cigars aren't lurking on drugstore shelves or gasoline stations. They sell cut-rate cigars packed full of ...view middle of the document...

If you observe abrupt changes in color, odds are the cigar was rolled improperly, which usually causes irregular burning and/or disagreeable odors.

Beginners favor long cigars for their propensity to taste cooler. Also, look for wrappers that are lighter in color. Dark colored wrappers have the tendency to be stronger.

However, cigar enthusiasts usually favor squatty cigars for their bold, rich taste.

Online Shopping for Good Cigars

Everybody doesn't have the privilege of a personal tobacconist. So, it's good to know there are reputable online vendors. Shopping at an e-store is convenient because its 'doors' are always open! Since internet vendors have minimal overhead, you can frequently save money provided you know what you want.

How Many Cigars Make a Good Gift?

Beginners frequently inquire how many cigars make an appropriate gift. How much does the box of cigars that you decided on cost? If you can't afford an entire box, is it tacky to get just one?

It's appropriate to give a "handshake" cigar, as a friendship gesture that speaks without words. But, somehow it seems lacking in good taste to only give one cigar on special occasions.

We'd suggest you consider the sampler set, which usually contains five cigars. Five would appear a respectable number, even for cigar snobs. Some e-stores feature "interactive" sampler sets. They allow you to select from desired brands and quantity of cigars to make a personalized sampler gift set for your person.

Samplers make especially thoughtful gifts for beginner cigar smokers. Five different kinds of cigars will give your friend five opportunities to sample various brands.

No, it's not selfish to get yourself a sampler set!

Any Ideas for that Special Person?

Suppose you're on a mission to find an over-the-top Father's Day present. How about...

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