How To Catch The Opportunity Essay

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IENG 031/5
Spring 2014
Mr. YacoubAljaffery
How to Catch the Opportunity
Jack Canfield's book "How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be" makes aware about how to achieves our goals and uses a specific steps to achieves it easily and effectively. Not only, he explains quotes but also, he tells some stories for successful people which they follow the principle of achieving goals. Also, says Canfield mentions that to achieve our goals we have to write our goals on paper, read your goals at least 3 times a day, create goals notebook and put your goals in front of our a permanent basis. On the other hand, it's important to understand that if we put target goals ...view middle of the document...

When I was preparing for my final exams, suddenly, I felt tired and my doctor decided that I should give birth right now.I felt sorry about missing my final exam. But the best thing that PUC told me that they will excuse me as I dropped the course. However, it was the last chance for having a scholarship. That means my dream was threatened, not just by the PUC but also with my own problem which is managing between studying and coping with my new life. This soon became my new mission. I tried hard to read and learn the best ways of studying, which it might help me to pass the course. I started with reading books, and translating the new vocabulary and trying to memorizethem. I spent hours doing my research, taking notes and developing my writing skills. Besides that, Iwas looking after my baby. Moreover, I was asking my Professorsabout any single word that I misunderstood. I made lemonade the lemon, and tried to get something positive out of the difficult events in my story.
In my point of view, all quotes inside Jack...

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