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How To Clean Oil Paint Off Of Paintbrushes

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Keeping a paintbrush clean is an important aspect of maintaining its longevity. Additionally, a brush will always apply paint most consistently when it is clean. If paint is allowed to accumulate on a brush, the consistency of strokes and the accuracy of images are likely to be compromised. Cleaning oil paint off of paintbrushes is not a difficult or complicated task. Learning a few tricks and tips may help you to clean your brushes effectively and efficiently.

The first step in accomplishing this task efficiently is to assemble the items you will need for the job. The kind of solvent that you use may vary according to your preference. Numerous individuals use paint thinner, mineral spirits, or turpentine when they clean their paintbrushes. You should also have a clean, dry towel or rag available. You might select a small container with an airtight lid, so you can store any remaining solvent and use it for future cleanings. Additional items to have available ...view middle of the document...

While you are doing this, you should try to scrape off any paint that is on the metal that holds the bristles.

At this point, the newspaper should have more paint on it than the brush does. The next step is to dip the brush into the small container that contains the solvent you have chosen. You may want to move the bristles with quick strokes in the solvent. You can also scrape them across the bottom and sides of the container. Motion is the key to removing paint from the brush while it is submerged in the solvent.

After you have moved the brush around in the solvent, you can blot it with a towel, a paper towel, or newspaper. You will then want to repeat the squeezing process with newspaper or a thick paper towel. You should be able to remove even more paint from the bristles at this point, and you will want to squeeze the bristles in the newspaper repeatedly as you initially did.

When you have removed as much paint as you can from the bristles, you should see much less paint on the brush. You will then need to pour some liquid soap into a small dish or other container. You will do the same thing with the soap that you did with the solvent. You will move the bristles around repeatedly in the soap, and then you will squeeze the bristles in newspaper or a thick paper towel. You may need to repeat this process a few times until you see no traces of paint on the brush. You can then rinse the brush in warm water and pat it dry with a soft towel.

Many people opt to clean their brushes without using harsh chemicals. If this is your preference, you may replace the chemical solvent with an inexpensive variety of oil, such as vegetable oil. Oil is typically as effective as paint thinner at removing oil paint from a brush. You can still use liquid soap for the second step. If you prefer to use a mild soap that contains no harsh chemicals, you can likely find such soap online or at a local health food store.

Cleaning your paintbrushes is important. Clean brushes are the best kind to paint with, and they are not difficult to keep free of paint. You will find that it is easier to remove paint immediately after painting. Once you have cleaned the oil paint off of your paintbrushes a few times, you will see that they are easy to maintain.

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