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"This is the beginning of a learning experience we have chosen to share. We can waste it or we can capitalize on it. But, it is important because of what we are exchanging for it. When this experience is over, the time will be gone forever, leaving something in its place that we have traded for it. Together we can gain, not lose and succeed...not fail. And we shall not regret the price we paid for it."Author UnknownGUIDELINES FOR EFFECTIVE LISTENING1.Stop talking! You can only do one of two things: listen or talk.2.Put the talker at ease. Good communication can only take place in a non-defensive environment.3.Show the talker that you want to listen. Listening is not something you can be passive about.4.Remove distractions. This will help show the talker you're interested in what they have to say. This also helps put the person at ease.5.Empathize with talkers. Try to put yourself in that person's shoes.6.Be patient. Let the talker finis before asking a lot of questions.7.Hold your temper. An angry response is a poor response. Give yourself time to cool down before responding.8.Try to avoid arguing or criticizing. This can destroy the open flow of communication you have worked hard to create.9.Ask questions. Don't interrupt the speaker unless you're unclear about something. After you have heard everything, ask any questions you may have developed.10.Stop talking! This is the most important step of all. If you are talking, you are NOT listening."Listening requires two ears- one for meaning and one for feeling""Decision-makers who do not listen have less information for making sound decisions"Adapted from Human Behavior at Work by K. DavisFIVE STAGES OF HELPING1.Pre-Counseling stage- either a student seeks you out for help or you approach a student because of a problem or potential problem. Practice empathy and respect in order to build trust with the student.2.Listening and responding stage- The student talks; you listen and periodically relate your interpretation of the situation back to the person.3.Problem identification and analysis stage- try to identify the problem, as you understand it. It is difficult to help develop an appropriate course of action if the problem is not clearly identified.4.Resolution stage- Develop a course of action that helps resolve the problem or bring closure to the issue. This could mean simply listening to the student or actually referring the student to an appropriate professional.5.Follow-up stage- This helps to continue the established helping relationship and shows the student you still care. The purpose of this is to ensure that the student has attempted to implement the course of action.Using Effective "I statements"You are irresponsible.You are rude and inconsiderate.You are annoying, abrasive, and I can't stand being around you!These are judgmental statements that are not really aimed at solving a problem. Certainly, they work well to indicate where a problem exists, but they may well make it worse. Still,...

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