How To Communicate In A Relationship

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1Henry RooseMarion FeketeWriting 1516 December, 1996How to Communicate in a RelatioshipThe hardest skill to master in order to maintain a successful, loving relationship is communication. Being unable to express one's thoughts clearly and accurately is a heavy burden to bear when trying to hold a conversation. It often causes misunderstandings and unnessary arguments. Plainly expressing one's thoughts is a lesson that many do not learn. The staggering number divorces in recent years may be the effect of ill-communication. Even with all the conveyances of modern day (cellar phones, modems, pagers), important ideas, somehow are not being expressed. In a relationship one can easily misinterpret a statement and become upset. Openly expressing full thoughts, and carefully listening to what your mate is saying are two worthy and helpful tips on holding up the communication bridge.Many times, people become frustrated at their partner's lack of understanding. Unfortunately, no one can read minds. That fact makes it of the utmost importance to be able to let your mate in on what you are thinking. How can he or she possibly do what you want them to do if he or she does not know what it is that you are wanting. Always present thoughts and ideas as clearly as possible.2Sarcasm is often a pitfall for communication. When a person states an idea one way but means it in a totally different way, it is no wonder that he or she will be misunderstood. With just a slight change in the tone of voice, which many times may go unnoticed, the sarcasm might lose its' humorous connotations and accidentally become hurtful.This is also true with facial expressions. They can be misinterpreted and then become a stumbling block for the rest of the conversation. When talking with your partner keep in mind that 75% of what we communicate is body language. Be careful not to imply anything with facial expressions or other body language that you do not intend.Expressing full, complete, ideas are extremely important. If you are mad, tell your partner that you are and tell him or her the reason of the aggravation. If you express an emotion, be ready to describe it and expose its' cause. It is important that you have enough trust in your partner that you can tell him or her anything."There is much to be said about a good listener. They are kind, compassionate, and humble." The ability to listen to someone and fully understand him or her is definitely a talent. Such a talent is...

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