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How To Communicate With A Fish

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It’s 5 A.M. and the darkness surrounds us. The sun and the birds will rise in about one hour. Our blue baseball caps rest next to us on the front seat of the truck. The boat is ready with equipment, supplies, and of course, our lunch for the day. Now, let’s catch a fish…or two.
Determining where the fish are biting is our first key to success. The water must be calm, clean, lukewarm, and an average depth of sixteen feet. There is a perfect spot we know about nestled around an island in a nearby lake. Before placing the boat into the water, the check to see if the oars are attached and ready for rowing. Go lightly with the Sevylor 12V trolling motor to the perfect spot using the depth ...view middle of the document...

At the end of your line a fishing hook is attached. The hook of my choice is an Eagle Claw; it has strength with an ultra-sharp point. Thread the eye of the hook with line, pulling through about four inches to make a double knot. Then perform a twisting motion to intertwine the two lines together. Thread the end of the line back into the loop at the eye, and pull. Thread the line again making a loop and pull. Be sure to keep your fingers at a safe distance, I have seen many times when Dad has had to cut the hook from the skin of my finger.
Now it is time for the weight. It must not be your average weight for lifting, but the ones that make bait stay to the desired depth. Weights also known to fishermen as sinkers and are produced in various long, round, and oval shapes. I prefer the round ones called Spilt Shot Sinker. They are durable and easy to attach. Sinkers are placed down to the end of the pole on the line approximately four inches from the hook. An appropriate tool, called needle nose pliers is used for squeezing enough of the sinker to open and place on the line, then close sinker.
At this point, I know you are asking yourself “Why is catching this fish so important to go through all of this?” Don’t give up; you are almost there. A few more items need to be considered to make the catch.
Some desire a bobber, which helps you keep an eye on the beast you are to capture; however, I prefer the natural way, without a bobber. Dad would always put a red, white, and round bobber on for my sisters and me because, “we never paid attention to the line,” according to him. As I grew older, the bobber was discard; because I felt my full attention was activated. Now it’s okay, if you want to be on the safe side of the fence, so here’s how to place one on your line. With the tip of your finger push the bottom of the bobber, letting the small hook on top stick out; now lace it on your line. You can set it to the depth for your bait by moving it back and forth on the line.
The time has finally come to use the right bait. If you come from the South, the only thing better than a minnow is the ultimate night crawler. These are no ordinary worms. These are the ones that, after a steady, warm rain has ended, crawl from the earth and slime around the ground early in the day. The worms are so big and wiggly that you can’t hang on to them. Dad would make us go to the grave yards with a coffee can, after such a rain, to retrieve the creatures from the ground. In placing these wonderful creatures on the hook, you need only a steady hand and a strong stomach. A method called “sock” baiting is used. The hook in one hand and the...

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