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On the Adult's Ability to Acquire PhonologyGerald G. NeufeldIn writing a title should follow one of these strategies:1.Name a general subject, followed by a colon and a phrase that renames the subject.2.Name a general subject and narrow it with a prepositional phrase.3.Name a general subject and cite a specific work that will illuminate the topic.4.Name a general subject, followed by a colon, and followed by a phrase that describes the type of study.5.Name a general subject, followed by a colon and followed by a question.6.Establish a specific comparison. (Writing research paper, James D. Lester)The article's title is "On the Adult's Ability to Acquire Phonology", so here the author follows the second strategy, which names a general subject and narrow it with a prepositional phrase.The abstract is a brief description that appears in the beginning of the article in order to propose the main points in addition to summarize the entire work.In any article, an abstract should be including the main key words, which demonstrate what the article is talking about. Acquisition, hypothesis, experiment and the result are all essential points in the article and regarded as key words. Putting these words together in formal sentences results a good abstract that makes everything clear to the reader rather than reading something obscure that leads to nothing.The article talks about English speaking students who were advanced learners of French and who had acquired their second language as adults.This article is related to L2 Acquisition. Its concern is showing how people from different areas can use language and acquire it somehow identically the same. As a result, the article is well done and could be attractive for the reader to know how we can acquire the second language through these studies and the resultsThe main topic or problem presented in the article is to know the ability of the adults to acquire phonology for the second-language of the students who were advanced learners of French.Phonology is the usual term for the sound system in the language and how the sounds are produced. Actually, the author started to focus on the acquisition on children, as the first-language acquisitions accepted without question that children posses the capacity to acquire native-like proficiency in their language at all linguistic levels. After that, the author focuses on the adult's acquisition. The article illustrates the problem clearly. As a result, we can say that the topic or problem investigated in the article clearly identified.The rational for the study is in some way clearly described. For example, in the main topic adult's acquisition in phonology, as the author states hypothesis influenced in second-language learning in adults and affect the acquisition of phonological competence as well as the acquisition of performance skills.The author utilizes more than ten sources of different linguistics and enlisted them, and the years of publication from 1929 to 1979....


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785 words - 3 pages Christina GibbonsMr. GucPer 3A sonnet is a verse form of Italian origin consisting of fourteen lines in iambic pentameter with rhymes arranged according to a fixed scheme. Now that you know what a sonnet it, go write one, right now… Let's be real, you're not going to write a sonnet. Why would I think that? It's not easy to make one right off the top of your head. It takes time and patience to complete a well-written poem. Even William

How to write a sonnet Essay

785 words - 3 pages Christina GibbonsMr. GucPer 3A sonnet is a verse form of Italian origin consisting of fourteen lines in iambic pentameter with rhymes arranged according to a fixed scheme. Now that you know what a sonnet it, go write one, right now… Let's be real, you're not going to write a sonnet. Why would I think that? It's not easy to make one right off the top of your head. It takes time and patience to complete a well-written poem. Even William

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1183 words - 5 pages , see Purdue's file on Invention.)· For an essay of argument, formulate a tentative thesis statement at a fairly early stage--that is, a statement of your own likely position in the controversy that most interests you, or your preliminary answer to an important interpretive question. You do not have to stick to this answer or statement, but it will help focus your investigation. (See Using Thesis Statements for advice on how and when to

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759 words - 3 pages section of background information that helps place the book in context and discuss criteria for judging the book.Finally, reviewers get to the heart of their writing--their evaluation of the book. In this section, reviewers discuss a variety of issues:- How well the book has achieved its goal,- What possibilities are suggested by the book,- What the book has left out,- How the book compares to others on the subject,- What specific points are not

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