How To Conduct A Time Study: Time Study Equipment

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Time Study Equipment
The minimum equipment required for conducting a time study has changed very little since Taylor first introduced them in the late 1800’s. They are listed as a stopwatch, time study board, time study form and a pocket calculator. Videotape equipment is also useful if available (Niebel & Freivalds, 2014, p. 418).

The time study equipment available for use today has progressed with the technological advances made in the last fifty years. However, the stopwatch remains the most widely recognized symbol in the field of time studies. Thomas proclaims that “The work measurement symbol remains the stopwatch, but today’s sophisticated tools are a far cry from that. Data can be gathered with a host of automated data collection equipment” (Thomas, 2006, p. 36). While it is true that automated data collection tools are readily available today, they are more efficiently used in other time measurement forms like work standards and predetermined times. The stopwatch is still the most widely used time measurement tool that is used on the production floor when conducting actual time studies. The stop watches of today will generally come in two different types, the traditional mechanical decimal minute watch (See Figure 1.1) and the more user friendly electronic stopwatch (See Figure 1.2). The decimal minute watch typically will have a dial divided into 100 equal divisions with each representing 0.01 minutes. The watch hand will make one complete revolution every minute. The smaller dial on the typical decimal minute watch will be divided into 30 equal spaces, each of these divisions will represent one minute, and every complete rotation of the smaller dial will represent 30 minutes. The watch is controlled by the slide and winding stem. The slide will control the starting and stopping of the watch. The hand may be stopped at any point and then restarted from the same point. The hand can be reset to zero by applying pressure to the top of the winding stem. The electronic stopwatch cost can range from 40 dollars to over 100 dollars. The typical electronic watch will have a resolution to about .001 seconds and a timing accuracy within .002 percent. The electronic watch allows the operator to time a number of individual elements while still being able to collect the total elapsed time. This ability to collect multiple times allows the operator the choice of using the continuous and snapback timing methods with relative ease. Electronic stopwatch prices are generally trending down, this along with some mechanical watches costing over 150 dollars will ultimately lead to the disappearance of mechanical stopwatches. Other time measuring devices currently on the market are apps for iPads, iPhones and the Android phones.

Figure 1.1 – Mechanical stopwatch Figure 1.2 – Electronic stopwatch
Time Study Board
The time study board is a user friendly platform that the time analyst can use to hold both...

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