How To Conduct Search For Voter Id Details Through Sms?

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Knowing your Voter ID Details is of immense importance when the motive of the citizens is to be well endowed with the proper documents that would ensure a smooth entry into polling booth at the time of elections.

With the election commission's constant efforts to ease out every process related to the voter id card, there is a plethora of ways with which people can now easily proceed with various formalities relating to the Voter ID Card in India.

Although most of the ease for Voter ID application comes with the use of internet, the commission has not ruled out the fact that all the voters do not have accessibility to the World Wide Web. For this reason, the Election Commission has also formulated various methods through which people can perform tasks like checking application status, receiving Voter ID Details and Checking their name in the voter list using their mobile phones.

The Mobile App in Andhra Pradesh.

For Voter ID Card AP, people can now take advantage of the newly conceived Election Commission mobile app for android, by the Election Office of the state. Android is the most expanded mobile operating system in the contemporary network of telecommunication because of its immense outreach. Therefore by developing a mobile application for this platform that would help the Voters to check their name in the voters' list, the election commission has once again proved its metal in providing solutions to the citizens relating to the voter ID Card and at the same time staying updated with the latest technology. Another thing which has been made possible by the Election Commission, is receiving of Voter ID details on your mobile device by sending a simple text message.

Therefore in Andhra Pradesh, the voters can search for their name in the voters' list and receive their voter id details entirely by using their mobile devices.

How to use the mobile device to complete these two...

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