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How To Control A Hot Air Balloon

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A hot air balloon is made up of three main parts:The Envelope: The actual fabric balloon that holds the air.The Burner: The unit which propels the heat up inside the envelope.The Basket: Where the passenger and pilot stand.The way hot air balloons work, falls under basic scientific principles.The basis of how the balloon works is that warmer air rises in cool air, because hot air is lighter than cool air, as it has less mass per unit volume.Mass is defined by the measure of how much matter something contains, and the actual balloon (called an envelope) has to be as large as it takes such a large amount of heated air to lift it off the ground. For an example, to lift 1000 pounds ...view middle of the document...

The hot air will not escape from the hole at the very bottom of the envelope, as hot air rises, and the buoyancy keeps it moving up.Steps to control a hot air balloon:1.To move the balloon upwards: the pilot opens up the propane valve which lets the propane flow to the burner, which in turn fires the flame up into the envelope. It works the same way as a gas grill, the more you open the valve, the bigger the flame will be to heat the air, the faster the balloon rises.2.To move the balloon downwards: the “parachute Valve” at the very top of the balloon is what is used to bring the balloon down towards the ground. It’s kind of like a circle of fabric cut out on the top of the envelope, which is controlled by a long cord that runs down through the middle of the envelope to the basket. If the pilot wants to bring the balloon down, he/she has to pull on the cord, which will open the valve, and let the hot air escape, decreasing the inner air temperature. The cooling of air causes the balloon to slow its rise, and eventually will descend.3.To move the balloon form place to place: The pilot can make the balloon move horizontally by changing the vertical position of the balloon, because the wind blows in different directions at different altitudes. When the pilot wants to move in a particular direction, they simply rise and descend the balloon to the appropriate level and it will then move that particular direction with the help of the wind.Bibliography

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