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How To Correct My Particulars In The Voter List Online?

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There has been a huge transformation in the way applications are filed for inclusion of name in the voter list and obtaining a voter id card. Everybody could now apply for voter registration and voter card online or download the required forms if filling them is not possible online. Either ways it is a win win situation for all the citizens because of the consequent convenience that comes for everyone with the ease of obtaining essential Election Card Forms online. People can even check the status of their applications for the Voter Card and their name in the voter list online. Therefore there is a wide range of solutions related to the voter id card and voter list that could be provided to the citizens within the walls of their comfort zones.

The ease with which Voter Card forms could be obtained or filled online has added to many factors like high voter turnout and diversification of voters. Every election card online form has its own purpose to solve. In the era before the rise of technology people had to travel and make rounds of the election offices to apply for voter id card, to include their name in the electoral roll or to get wrong particulars corrected. Whereas now application forms for these tasks are easily accessible at the click of a button.

Which voter card form is required to correct your particulars in the Voter List?

In this article we talk about one of these important election card online forms i.e the Form No. 8. What if you applied for inclusion of your name in the electoral roll by filling Voter card form no. 6 and post the completion of all the formalities when you checked the voter list online for your name in it, you found out that your particulars are entered incorrectly? Would you require to fill the Form No. 6 again from scratch? The answer is No.

If you wish to correct your particulars that are entered in the electoral roll, you shall have to fill the Form No. 8. This election card form could be easily obtained online i.e on your state’s ERO Website or from the...

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