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How To Create Clean Energy Jobs

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This article is based on how to create clean energy jobs, achieve energy independence, reduce reliance on oil-oriented industries and channel to a clean energy economy. Partly due to the rule of externalities, most of the economics, no matter they are fledging ones or developed ones, are less attentive to the aspects of environmental justice. The multinationals and state-owned enterprises break up the balance on the different interest groups and cause the increasing cost of environmental regulation.
Prevention moral absolutism from replacing rational public policy makes public policy maker care more about Cost-Benefits analysis although there is a psychological impulse in all of us on living in a green world.
Environmentalists as proponents are generally middle-class individuals whose benefits are secure. Instead, low-class workers as opponents are impossibly involved in green action because their benefits are based on the energy produce.
Developing clean energy economy and boosting energy efficiency will enhance economic structure, ensure energy independence and reduce the opportunities of resulting in extreme climate in the long run.
Introduction- search for the new economic growth after the I.T revolution
- debates surrounding the issue (pros and cons) & influence on the
-key legislative sponsors of the measure and their function as a bill
Argument and Proof-cap and trade will optimize the market-oriented model
-Cost and Benefit in the cap and trade
Conclusion- In order for the new renewable fuel standard, which mandates that 35 billion gallons of ethanol-equivalent biofuels and 1 billion gallons of biomass-based diesel be consumed in the United States by 2022,enterprises will enforce the implementation of technology innovation.
The Cap and Trade
1. Energy Demand
Energy demand per person in US keeps stable over last thirty years. Energy consumption has actually declined...

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