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How To Deal With Our Solid Waste

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Executive Summary
In the recent times it is quite evident that waste produced by households & Industries are of a major concern in dealing with it. So far, the State governments have completely relied on landfills to dump the waste. Considering the amount of growth in the economy and consumption pattern, the waste generated by the households and factories has gone up manifolds. The government’s dependency on the landfills has come to saturation due to excess waste generated than anticipated. Acquiring new landfills also has become difficult due to protest by the public. These dump yards create health hazards to people living around and degrades the water level and acts as a curse of Urbanisation. And this has becoming a challenge to the municipal corporations due to the legal interventions, rising public awareness on cleanliness and newer technologies adopted by other countries to dispose the waste in a scientific manner.
Since the waste generated is likely to grow in the years to come as Indian goes through the phase of rapid urbanisation and Industrial development. The raising cost for domestic waste collection has tremendously increased over these years and no investment planning has been done to dispose waste scientifically. It sets an opportunity to build sustainable social business model. This is again emphasized by many leading magazine research reports such as “Creating shared Value” by Michael Porter & Mark Kramer, Harvard business review 2011. Similarly, the Forbes and the Economist acknowledged the article as “One of three mega trends” and “One of ten key trends”.
It is understood that as a country, India produce 55 million solid wastes annually. And cities like Bangalore are grown at a rate of 47% in just ten years, according to the Census of India 2011 next to Delhi. Similarly, as per Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) showed that as many as 8,500 mobile phones, 5,500 TVs and 3,000 personal computers are dismantled in Delhi every day for reuse of their component parts and materials. In the capital alone, it is estimated that over 150,000 workers are employed in official and unofficial e-recycling units.
As a way forward the state government should come forward to outsource and resort to PPP (Public Private Partnership) model to provide solid waste management services.

Problem Definition
India as a country produces 16000 Metric Tons of solid waste per day and it is expected to grow at a rate of 1.3% YOY. As per the European Union and technology centre survey report it is estimated that India would produce 260 million tons of waste per year. Adopting the current methodology of dumping waste in landfills would require 1400 KM2 of land, which is equivalent size of Delhi. Similarly the report estimates that the Industrial sector generates approximately 100 million tons of hazardous and over 8 million tons of hazardous waste; in which 60% of it is recyclable.
In such a populous country implementing an...

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