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How To Choose A Good Children's Book For The Classroom/ This Is A Final Paper For A Class Called Childhood Literature. It Explains The Good And Bad Quality's Of Children's Books And How To Choose A Good Book To Use In A Classroom Setting.

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One of the most effective learning tools in a classroom setting is a book. When making your classroom library as a new teacher there is such a wide variety of different styles of books you can chose from it often makes choosing a select few very difficult. Something that makes it a whole lot easier is first just reading the book to make sure it a good smooth read and second is to look for some key indicators of quality that are usually found in most good books. Each genre has different elements you should look for but when looking at any story there are some basic things you can look for to separate the well written from the poor.

After you initially read the book the most easily identifiable qualities are usually the most important. The number one thing to look for is that the story will stirs something up inside the reader and has some sort of relatable connection with the children who will be reading it. The second thing to look for is just to make sure the plot is clear, keeps moving and the whole story is very smooth and understandable. Children notoriously wonder off and get bored very easily with out a fast paced relatable story they will stop paying attention by the middle of the book. An important element to the plot that a good book has some sort of conflict that leads to tension. This will have the children on the edge of their seat and keep them asking themselves what's going to happen next. This helps the story come to a climax and eventually to a resolution to the conflict. Without having good conflict, tension and resolution the story would be very boring and seem to just have a boring plot with no excitement or wonder. The last thing that holds the whole story all together is the setting. If a book does not have clear setting to define characters, the plot and where everything is taking place is will be somewhat confusing. You must always examine the setting and make sure that it is clear and evident in the book.

The art and illustrations in a children's picture book are a very important part. The illustrations share the job of telling the story with the words and even sometimes tell the whole story like in wordless picture books. When choosing good books, good illustrations should be a major part of what you consider. Children often learn best through what they see and exposing them to a wide variety of styles of good artwork will open up many new learning experiences while being fun at the same time.

There are many things to look for when choosing...

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