How To Develop An Seo Friendly Php Website?

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Currently, SEO web design is the most promoted product for the online businesses to achieve their sales targets. Yes, fetching a good traffic from Google or other search leading engines is being possible with SEO campaigns. On-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical factors are the three prime elements of brining SEO success for a website. So, the need of SEO friendly programming language can be fulfilled with PHP. For a better search engine visibility of the web pages, the web developers should follow the following tips while developing a SE friendly website.

Tips for developing an SEO friendly PHP website:

• Clean URL structure:

Dynamic URLs and season IDs in URL are not good so the developer need to use unique PHPSESSID variable. If the season IDs will be included in URLs so, the search engines will treat a single page with different season IDs as different pages. It leads to duplicate content which is punishable by search engines.

Use keyword rich permalinks with url_rewriter tags, which makes the URLs friendly for both search engines and visitors. Also decrease the use of special characters other than the hyphen (-) symbol.

• Avoid canonical errors:

Search engines treat www and non-www sites differently if also they are containing same content. Duplicate content issue may arise, so use 301 redirection. In this concern the PHP developers need to spend more time on homepage as the will be treated as different to

• Putting right heading and bold tags:

Optimizing the website for search engines in development period carries a lot of responsibilities and adds more tasks for the web developers. Creating a dynamic header (header.php) and using unique values for Meta of singular web pages is a must do act for designing a SEO website. So, at the time of coding, using of page-specific PHP variables get’s the work done.
$pageTitle, $pageDescription, $pageCanonical, $pageKeywords, $pageRobots, etc are the significant SEO stuffs for On-page optimization of a PHP website. Also using H1, H2, H3 and attributes in a webpage improves it’s indexing possibility.

• Cross browser issues:

In this mobile web age, we can’t rely upon the desktop users only as the growth rate of internet on mobile browsers created a milestone in last few years. SEO is now promoting user experience and the cross...

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