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How To Develop A Seo Friendly Android App

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Currently mobile apps are directly helping the retail brands in boosting their sales through serving huge number of prospective customers. Groupon, Amazon, eBay, etc like big names of web are the most beneficial businesses who gained so much through releasing their own mobile apps. iOS App Store and Google Play are the prominent channels for app distribution.

Significance of SEO for Apps:

According to the surveys, more than 60 percent of users find apps through app store search which matches with web search environment. Over 75% organic app downloads in Google Play come from search which insists the Android App developers to learn and deploy the aspects of SEO to make their apps popular. ...view middle of the document...

• Description:

Same as Meta description of a webpage, the app’s description field need to be filled with unique and search engine optimized content. The value of unique and interesting content is not a secret to any inbound marketer as well as a user. Use the best out of this field by putting the complete and precise information regarding your developed app placing keywords at right place.

• Keywords:

Use long-tail keywords after deep research on productive keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner. The keyword need to be purely relevant to your brand or business. Avoid keyword stuffing in keyword field, tag or label field and other places to describe your Android App to the end users.

• Images:

Pictorial contents like snapshots of the App and logo of your brand should be there to preserve the reliability of the prospective users. Use alt tags and file names with your keywords and valid names instead of numbers. Also the images need to informative and interesting for the readers.

• Ratings and Reviews:

How the citations or...

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