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How To Develop With Deafness Or Hearing Impairment

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I am currently an art education major, but my dream has always been to work and possibly teach at a deaf school. I was born with a hearing impairment. I was not deaf but I was hard-of-hearing. We did not know about this hearing impairment until I was about four or five years old. I taught myself to read lips, so for the longest time they thought I was just stubborn and hardheaded, but little did they know I just could not hear them. When I was around five years old I went to an audiologist and had ear tube surgery. After that my hearing was 90 percent better. I still struggle every now and then if someone is not facing me when they are talking, but it is much better. Ever since then I have thought sign language and the Deaf community is extremely interesting!
There are two groups of hearing impairments. They differ according to the degree of hearing loss. Children with a more severe form of hearing loss are deaf, and children who have a less severe hearing loss are considered hard-of-hearing (Meece & Daniels, 2008, p. 88). Student who are hard of hearing many be only to hear specific frequencies or sounds within a certain volume range. They will most likely have speech; however, their speech could be impaired due to their inability to hear their own voices clearly. While those students who are deaf may have little or no speech depending on the severity of their hearing loss, and they are more likely to use American Sign Language than those students who are hard-of-hearing (“Deaf or Hard of Hearing,” 2004).
Hearing loss can affect a child dramatically in their early development. It is important to be aware and cautious of noticing signs towards possible hearing loss, because language and communication skills develop most rapidly in childhood, especially before the age of 3. It will also be more difficult for children who are hard of hearing to learn vocabulary, grammar, word order, idiomatic expressions, and other aspects of verbal communication (“Deafness and Hearing Loss,” 2013). If hearing loss in a child does not get caught at an early age this could have an affect of his or her cognitive development and the way he or she processes information. Information processing theories emphasis specific stages that it takes to perform metal tasks. In this theory it is proposed that data must be first entered into a child’s memory, then it can be refined and stored. Once the data has been refined and stored, the sense organs collect and transfer this information. The information is then transformed and recorded into memory by the child so that they are able to come back and remember the information at a later date (Meece & Daniels, 2008, p. 25). Because children that are deaf or hard-of-hearing cannot hear the information that is supposed to be entered into their brain, then that also means it cannot be processed, stored, transformed, or recorded into their memory. The information processing theory is completely thrown off...

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