How To Dress For A Date

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Two hours before a date and a closet full of nothing? What's a girl to do? You're pretty, smart, funny and engaging, but the total package needs finishing touches. On a date, an outfit is meant to attract and emphasize your assets. The main question is how does one dress for a date with everyday clothing found in a closet. There are several factors you need to consider while choosing an outfit such as the weather, colours and, finally how to add a bit of personality to your ensemble.

The weather can offer tonnes of problems that can often sacrifice outfit opportunities. Considering the weather is extremely important in deciding which clothes to wear. If it were snowing, one would need to decide if she were to wear pants or leggings under a skirt. If a dress was an absolute necessity, one could chose to wear a funky, pair of patterned tights to add a bit of spunk while allowing her to keep warm in Canada's, blustery, minus forty degree, weather. The changing of seasons also dictates appropriate footwear and jackets. When the outdoors are overcast and the streets are covered in puddles of various depths, a pair of mocha, gladiator style, sandals are not recommended footwear. The best method to use when deciding on stylish, yet weather appropriate clothing is to choose articles that can be altered by adding or taking away other pieces of clothing in order to make it suitable for the often hazardous weather of Alberta. For instance, a skirt or shorts are often good choices because they can be paired with cute tights or worn as is; however if there is a variant of water on the ground, closed toed, shoes are essential.

With weather comes seasons and with seasons comes seasonal colours. Seasonal colours should be considered when deciding on an ensemble. An example of this would be a girl wearing neon pink in the dead of January. In Alberta, January is an ugly month, all of the snow is dirty, there's a constant overcast, it's cold and really no one wants to be outside or interacting. If someone were wearing bright pink, it would offset the surroundings and could cause fellow date patrons to get the “wrong vibes.” Wrong vibes such as thinking their date is an “attention seeker”, even though one would subtly want attention, and that can register as arrogance. Seasonal colours can act as a basis for an individual to decide on colours that fit with with the weather and suit their skin tone, hair colour and, even body type. The seasonal colours consist of, but are not limited to, the following, Winter colours include dark purples, navys, black and, greys; Spring colours often consist of deep pinks, light purples, medium blues, and light greens; Summer colours include yellows, whites, baby pinks and, baby blues; and Autumn colours, which are...

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