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Water. It is the most vital substance to human life. It is suggested that a human should drink water amounting to half of his or her body weight in ounces. Being a human, I try to obey this rule of thumb and drink water often. It is useful for things like dehydration and keeping my face free of zits. However, I realized quite recently that I’ve been approaching this whole “drinking water” thing the wrong way.
I experienced this revelation as I headed to the grocery store one day to purchase some water. I was not looking for anything in particular, just something to quench my thirst. Upon arriving at the “water” aisle, I made my first shocking realization about water. Apparently, all waters ...view middle of the document...

If the Neurosonic ® version of intellectual water isn’t enough, there’s also plain “smartwater ®” for those in society who only want to get a small amount of extra intelligence. With an equally torpedo-shaped bottle, this type of water claims to just be smart and that it is all. Usually, these “intellectual types” are produced to target individuals who think a lot about the molecular component of the water that they drink. Is it important information? I am not certain but it is useful if a person prefers to know it all. I do not so I did not purchase one of these either.
Another type of water (that is surprisingly popular) is active water. As I looked at various labels, I realized this type of water is meant to stimulate physical activity. Also known as the “low-calorie” water, active water purposes to provide hydration specifically useful for doing strenuous tasks like exercising at the gym or having sex standing up. A popular brand of active water is Lifewater®. It is similar to a Gatorade ® version of water and it comes in several different flavors. Propel Zero ® is another type of active water. Although it says “zero,” it claims to help a person get the most of their water to support their daily lives. Individuals who purchase active water are supposedly ignorant of the taste or quality of the water. The only aspect of importance to them is whether or not the water actually helps them to fulfill their highly important and busy lives. This prospect seemed fine but I wasn’t sold on it – on to the next one.
The type of water that I noticed next in the store by way of the CamelBAK ® bottle is “sustainable” water. Why buy water that is already packaged? Just buy a CamelBAK, fill it with your Brita ® -filtered water and then gloat to every person that you meet on how “sustainable” you are. It is perfect! Although there is not a distinct mainstream brand relating to this type of water, there is a distinct vision shared by individuals who drink this type of water. They...

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