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How To Ride A Bus Essay

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Our school has a diverse student body, ranging everywhere from Guam to Texas. Many students are from areas that don't have buses, or that have busses, but run in only one direction and are easy to figure out. For the unfortunate majority of freshmen who didn't bring a car, the thought of riding a bus in San Francisco could be overwhelming or even scary. Using the San Francisco Municipal bus system is one of the easiest ways to travel the city after learning the rules, maps, times and fees.The first step is to plan where you want to go within the city. You will need to decide the starting point, what day, and what time you want to travel. Then, pick up a copy of the Ride Guide map at any of the numerous outlets throughout the city. These outlets include libraries, city hall, chamber of commerce, and the Internet. To understand how to plan your trip using the Ride Guide, follow these simple steps. On the route map, simply locate the beginning, and ending point of your bus trip. Locate the time point closest to your beginnings and ending bus trip location. A number inside a colored circle indicates time points on the route maps. Each time point on the route map has a corresponding column on the timetable. Not all bus stops are indicated on the map and there are many bus stops between each time point.Find the column on the correct timetable that corresponds with your selected time point. Be sure you are using the timetable for the correct day of the week and direction of travel (inbound or outbound). Read down the column below the time point to find the time closest to your desired departure. Time for stops between time points can be estimated by adding the amount of time it will take the bus to get from the previous time point to your stop. In most instances, one route can serve your trip needs. On occasion, you may need to take more than one route to get to your destination.Buses only stop at bus stop signs and booths located along the side of the street. Remember that the side of the street your on is important. For example, if you're on the left side of the street, the bus will be going in that direction. As the bus approaches, stand near the bus stop sign and signal to let the driver know you want the bus to stop for you. Do not expect to leisurely sit on the bench until a bus driver pulls up and opens the door for you. If you don't watch for the bus and walk to the sidewalk to make yourself visible, the bus might pass you by. When the bus stops at your stop, check the route number and destination on the electronic sign above the windshield or front door to make sure you are boarding the correct bus. The green busses are shuttle busses that will take you directly to the Golden Gate Bridge. Make sure you don't get on these buses unless you're planning to end up at the bridge.It is vital that you have the exact cash fare, pass, ticket or transfers ready to give the driver...

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