How To Improve Journalism Education Essay

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How to Improve Journalism Education

Media tycoons agreed that profound changes are taking place in the News media industry that pose challenges for journalists and the news organizations for which they work.
Their advice can be clustered into three broad prescriptions.
· Emphasis the basics of journalism craft along with analytical thinking and a strong sense of ethics.
· Help the journalists to build a specialized expertise to enhance their coverage and help them to acquire first-hand knowledge of the societies, languages, religions and cultures of the world.
· Channel the best writers, curious reporters and the most analytical thinkers into the profession of journalism.

Journalism is different from history or chemistry or any of the traditional academic disciplines. It is different also from ‘practical’ branches of education such as law or medicine, where pure academic knowledge is linked with professionalism. None of us would like to represent a lawyer or medical practitioner without a sound academic qualification. But even the most dedicated journalism educators would accept that it is possible to be a journalist of the highest distinction without the benefit of any formal education in journalism.
In this respect journalism education is unlike teaching of acting and dancing. In all these fields, basic talent is inborn and cannot be taught. We all know that, in practice academic ability alone is a poor indicator to make a good journalist.

There is a diversity of perception existing in between the media tycoons regarding the requirement of journalism institutes. Some believe a degree in journalism is necessary, whereas others suggest that working on the lab journals or students’ newspaper is sufficient preparation. But many of them credit journalism institutes which doing a good job of teaching basic reporting skills, particularly when classes are taught by endowed journalists and teachers. Other thing these institutes focus to impart and build up a critical thinking and analytical skills through that develop expertise journalists.

Among the key items these journalism schools need to do are:

· Teaching basic reporting and writing skills as well as the pare mount importance of getting the facts right.
· Developing news judgment and analytical skills including the ability to separate fact from the opinion.
· Mastering specialized expertise and critical language skills from the toddler stage of training.
· Raising prospects and best and bright fields of challenging jobs.

A college degree in journalism of course provides a student with the skills and the insight to research and deliver current information to audience in a variety of media. Many journalism students put their degrees to use in the professional newsrooms of television networks,...

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