How To Extinguish The Flames Of The Flaming

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Homosexuality is an enormous problem worldwide, especially weather or not gays should have the right to marry like normal people, however if all the homosexuals were to be destroyed, deported, and or converted to heterosexuality, the economy would prosper, bigotry would end, marriage would no longer be an issue, and the world would be a much purer place. I will present many reasons why the plague of homosexuality should be stopped, and why homosexual acts should be dealt with swift legal action, including the death penalty. This sort of evil should not exist in the world, and it was never god’s plan to have homosexuals in the first place.

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There, the homosexuals will be given instructions to either be executed, or fight terrorists. Anyone who believes in a word that is not god’s is also evil and the spawn of the devil. This includes all Muslims, Buddhists, and Jews. America is currently “at war”, or should be, with all Middle Eastern counties. This way, a battle between two evils can only result in success for America and all pure Christians of the world. If the gays win, then the world is rid of Muslims and terrorists and the gays can found their own country, far away from America. If the terrorists win, then all openly homosexual American citizens will be destroyed and America must only simply exterminate the Muslims and the terrorists.

Some people may argue that homosexuals are real citizens and real people instead of demon spawn, but these people are wrong. Not only do homosexuals contribute nothing to society, they actually hurt it. Gays hurt the economy by spending money on useless things like food that could be used to feed the homeless children of the heterosexual. They also waste money on expensive female products, reducing the supply and making prices higher for REAL women. Some people think that gays contribute to the entertainment society. This is not true. Broadway musicals do not contribute anything to society, and are just a trap for homosexuals to trap heterosexuals and try to convert them. Musicals are actually demonic rituals for the gays to convert the pure heterosexuals into Satanism. Fine upstanding Christian men and women are reeled in with the promises of fun and entertainment,...

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