How To Extract Dna From A Strawberry Biology Research Paper

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To be able to successfully extract DNA from a strawberry.

We will be able to analyse DNA strands from a strawberry under a microscope.

· Snaplock Sandwich Bag
· A Fresh Strawberry
· 20ml of Buffer Solution
· 5ml of Meat Tenderiser (5%)
· 5 Beakers
· Test Tube
· Funnel and Filter Paper
· Ethanol
· Wooden Stick
· Microscope
· Paper towel
· Blue Dye
· Microscope Slide

1. First, remove the green leaves of the fresh strawberry.
2. Then proceed to put the strawberry in the snaplock sandwich bag and squish it until it is almost a liquid consistency. Then, Pour the mixture into a beaker.
3. Then add the 20ml of buffer solution and swirl it gently with the wooden stick, as well as waving it around. Use a paper towel to remove any froth.
4. Then strain the mixture through the filter paper into the second beaker.
5. Then add 5ml of meat tenderiser and gently stir it with the wooden stick, then let it sit for 10 minutes.
6. Then quarter fill the test tube with the mixture
7. While holding the test tube at an angle, gently pour the same quantity of Ethanol down the side of the test tube so that it forms a layer on top of the strawberry mixture. Do not mix or stir, wait.
8. Now watch the development of a white cloudy substance (DNA) in the top layer above the strawberry extract layer.
9. Then tilt the test tube, while picking up the DNA using a wooden stick and place it on the slide.
10. Then use the blue dye to make the DNA visible under the...

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