How To Find Jobs In Dallas Tx

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Searching for jobs in Dallas TX on the World Wide Web is like traveling on an information super-highway. You'll need a roadmap that points out where to connect with potential employers. Otherwise, you'd keep spinning in negative space 'round and 'round the internet.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Prepare your Resume

Think of your resume as an emissary that goes before you and paints pretty word pictures, designed to attract prospective employers. Reviewers will not read your effort; they will scan it, so that bullets work better than paragraphs. Some companies use sophisticated software that pulls out terms they used when advertising the position.

Begin bullets with action verbs that spotlight your accomplishments, such as: evaluated, analyzed, self-directed, assessed, team player, motivated and delegated. This ensures you hit on popular marketing keywords.

Here is our post on how to write a resume. ***

Google your Fine Self

Don't skip this step. Plug your name into the Google search engine. According to a recent survey, about 48% of employers use search engines like Google to investigate potential applicants.

Your 'future' boss will likely not be impressed with snarky comments or compromising pictures you've posted on the internet. Clean up what you can and be prepared to explain what you can't.

Savvy Seeker Tips:

• Consider changing your Facebook settings to 'private'.
• Untag from unfavorable photos on other people's profile.
• Use a pseudonym on your Facebook profile, such as your nickname or first and middle name instead of first and last name.

Let the Journey Begin!

Head toward these upscale web addresses for job hunters: Beyond, Indeed and Monster. *** You can narrow your search to: jobs in Dallas TX, by company type and by job type. You can select full or part-time work. You can even sign up to get hot leads via e-mail.

Savvy Seeker Tips:

• Resist the urge to explore gravelly roads leading to 'lists' like Craigslist and Backpage where spammers and scammers lurk.
• While we recommend the Top-3 job boards, they aren't the be-all, end-all to your job search.

But, they are excellent resources, so start with them.


Beyond nailed the top spot in "PC Magazine" for category "Top 20 Best Job Search Sites". Beyond is like Command Central in the management of your career. This job board provides the eminence of a niche site, complemented by the clout of a broad-spectrum job board.

Beyond encourages applicants to sign up for e-mail alerts.


Indeed is dubbed as the biggest job search engine, which captures over a billion job hunters monthly. Surprisingly, their site is easy to navigate. Indeed offers collective posts from companies seeking employees. They also send e-mail alerts.


Monster founded one of the first digital job boards in 1994. Due to its monstrous size, it takes a little more time to maneuver through thousands of job posts. There is also a catalog of career tips, such as...

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