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How To Get A Better Grade In College In The Book, The A Game” By Professor Kenneth J. Sufka

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I’ve read a book called “ The A Game” by prof. Kenneth J. Sufka. The book is about steps and advices to get a better grade in college. It is a very useful book to help you to succeed in your college life. The book includes nine rules, such as never sit in the cheap seats, come to class prepared, get spaced out, and go to class always. Also, it shows the bad habits that students usually do and how they can change these habits, so the author called it a game changer. I think rule #1, which is come to class always, is related to me, so I will explain it, give an example, and clarify how the game-changer can affect student.
Number one rule in the book is “go to class always.” Many students ...view middle of the document...

Moreover her mother was on her way to check her up, so she’s in serious trouble. Attending class is very important for student to success in their college life as the author mentioned in his book. If the student attended the classes from the beginning of the semester, she wouldn’t get in this trouble.
The author mentions in each rule a game-changer. It is the ways that can students change their bad habits. It is also the reasons why students should follow the rules in the book. The game-changer for rule number one are two. First of all, there is no substitute for your own lectures notes. Even if students are not good note takers, they should attend the class. Each student attends with his own background information and his own organization style, so he will suffer a lot when he tries to use his friends’ lectures notes. Secondly, each class period is a learning session. Students understand the lecture more if they attend the class even if they are not good at note taking. Also, they will get higher grade because they didn’t miss these learning sessions. If a student missed a whole week of class, that mean he missed three hours of learning sessions. That will affect his grade and his understanding of the course. The author adds that...

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