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How To Get An "Easy" A On Your Homework And Make Y

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Process Paper How to Get an ?Easy? A on Your Homework and Make Your Teacher Feel Great Have you ever wanted to get an A on a homework assignment and did not want to really try? Here is a way you could get an A without working hard! But first, you have to know how to get people to believe you are working hard.Now the first thing you need to know about looking like you are working hard while you are working in front of your teacher or in front of your parents is furl your eyebrow (if you can), look at the homework and study the words like they have a hidden meaning, and after that you look up from your paper and say ?Ohhhh, now I get it!? (When you really don?t, but remember you are trying to fool people).Now that you have ?mastered? the art of faking, you can get prepared to accept your homework. The first thing to do is act happy, smile like it?s your birthday, and walk around with gusto. When it comes time to receive your homework, smile (be careful, depending on the mood you are in it might come out as a grimace), and say ?I will try my best?, out loud so your teacher can hear you, and put your name on the homework.After receiving your homework, start ?looking it over?. You can doodle on the paper, whatever you like, but make sure it looks like you are working on the paper. When the bell rings, and you are walking out of class, tell your teacher that you have got a good start on it. This will make your teacher happy, and it will get him/her to think you are actually trying this time. Then put your homework away (so you don?t forget it, remember, you want an easy A on this paper!), and go to your next class! When you get home, go straight to the computer, and get on the internet. Search for a ?homework help site?, and get searching about the topic of your paper! While you are searching and finding the information, make yourself look like you are working hard. After you have sort of found information on the paper, make a note page and write down a few notes. Then call your ?friend?!(this is your ?friend? that you call to get homework answers from and...

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