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How To Get Customers To Download Your Mobile Apps

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The first question here is not how to get customers to download your mobile apps, but WHY you should do it. Once you know the ‘why’, the ‘how’ kind of falls into place. In a special webinar organized early in October 2013, Elana Chan of Google showed exactly why and how businesses should actively get customers to download their products. In a nutshell, here it is:
Why Should You Promote your Mobile Apps?
According to the data revealed by Chan, there are over 675,000 in the Google Play Store and more than 770,000 mobile applications (paid and free) in the Apple App Store. That alone is intimidating, but the interesting revelation was not about the numbers, because anyone can simply Google ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the interstitial can be set to auto-populate with your mobile app reviews, images and other content directly from the app landing page. This means more information on one screen, and the option to confirm their interest right away. Nothing could be simpler, and this method is shown to be far more effective than banner advertising.

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But if interstitials aren’t the way you want to go, try the next step.
Step 3: App promotion advertising
Better than standard AdWords text ads are app promotion ads. These can be created easily using a pre-built template, and can import all relevant app details to the ad. All it takes in one additional click for the customer to download the app. It’s quick and easy, and gives the customer adequate information about the app so they can make an informed one-click decision.

Can you Target a Specific Audience?
Of course, you can! Here is a full list of all your targeting options to ensure maximum RoI on your mobile app development and advertising investment:
• The mobile carrier
• Users with new smartphones or mobile devices
• Interest category marketing – advertise based on use behavior and past downloads
• App category marketing – target users of specific app categories such as productivity or games
• Type of operating system – Android, OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone.
• Specific type of device, such as those running on iOS 7 alone.
• By geography – can target down to a specific city alone.
• Depending on whether Wi-Fi access is available.
With these targeting tools and strategies, promoting your apps becomes easy as pie. Now you know the why and the how of promoting mobile apps, why not take it out for a spin? With the information you now hold, you just can’t lose.

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