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How To Get Free Video Recording Or Streaming For Your Conference Or Event

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You’re probably already using video in at least some aspects of your conference or event planning… Maybe you’ve got video projectors for your speakers’ PowerPoint presentations…or you have a video camera being using to project your keynote speaker’s image up on the big screens. More and more, video is being utilized as part of every conference or event. And more and more, people are asking, “Can we get that talk on video?” “Can I watch this session online?”… Video recordings, and now LIVE Internet streaming, are becoming standard features of conferences everywhere.

Yet even though video budgets are generally only a small fraction of the overall cost of a conference, it can still be difficult trying to get extra budget for professional video, and many companies have a bad taste from previous experience with ‘economical’ videographers in the past who have promised much yet delivered little.

Even though professional video services are now very affordable, you may still have trouble allocating the resources from your budget…so how can you get high-quality, professional video recording and/or live streaming with out shelling out a penny?

Actually, there are several ways.

First of all, there are generally 3 types of video recording/streaming services that are provided at your event:

1) Keynote Addresses – These are often the most important parts of a conference, with “C” level executives or nationally recognized speakers engaging the audience. People will often want to review the speeches afterwards, and you can hugely increase the size and scope of your audience by streaming the talk LIVE on the Internet.
2) Breakout Sessions – The ‘meat’ of the event, breakout sessions often include training and education, which can be invaluable on video after the event. These are typically smaller affairs than the keynote, and as such, are often recorded but not live-streamed. However, they are frequently even more important as a training or HR asset after the event.
3) “Sights and Sounds” videos (often referred to as ‘Wrap-Up’ videos) - These more complex, produced videos are usually 2-4 minutes long, and offer short clips of exposition, marketing, and testimonials from executives, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors from the event… all talking about how great the event was, while we watch a montage of ‘B-roll’ from all around the event. Not only does this video offer a great follow-up ‘touch-point’ to send to attendees after the event, but it’s also a fantastic marketing tool to increase your sponsorship and attendance at the next conference, as it puts your conference in it’s best possible light and really ‘sells’ the event. Two examples of these sorts of videos can be found at and Drop us a line if you’d like to see more examples.

So once you’ve decided that you want professional video services at your event, why not just ask the hotel A/V crew to record it? While hotel A/V firms are great at...

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