How To Get Good Grades At School

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How to get good grades in schoolIn this competitive world we live in, grades are very important to our lives, because they're the main thing that determines whether our lives will be successful or not. Students these days were pressured to get good grades at school, and many of them don't really know how to do it right. Sometimes they used wrong methods and the result of that is they got worse grades, which is the exact opposite of what they want. Moreover, by using these wrong methods, such as going to bed late at night because of studying, some students got even more tired and will result as a bad influence on their health in a long run. So, this is why it is important to know the right way of how to get good grades in school and avoid damaging our health at the same time. These steps are simple: Pay attention in class, review outside of class, and take enough breaks, just by following these 3 simple steps, you can now easily achieve your goal!The first step is simple, and should be what every student knows by now, pay attention in class. But what I mean by paying attention in class is not just sitting dumbly and listened to the teacher without doing anything, because that would result as a disaster!! What you should do is: Take GOOD notes on what you don't understand, what the teacher wrote/repeat, and write them in a way that you can understand when you read it later. Also, ask questions; never be afraid to ask. What you don't understand might be a crucial point on passing of failing the exam. And also by asking the teacher, you understand more, and the more you understand, the more you can remember and use it in the exam and real life. Moreover, participate in class; try to answer questions, which can help you understand the lesson better, do all the class works, it'll help you practice and review on what you've learned so far. This also helps you keep tabs on the dates of quizzes, exams, projects etc.The next step is: review outside of class. This doesn't necessary mean you have to do tutoring every day. You could just simply study little by little every day; Do NOT ever try to review all of the information in one night or try to tutor on the day right before the exam, because it doesn't work. What you should do is review little by little every day after the lesson, this helps you understand the lesson ,and makes you prepared for the next lesson that is yet to come. Also, you don't have to study as much on the night before the exam, because you've reviewed already, it's all in your head. And of course, home works are activities outside of class, and they're very important. So, do every home works and projects your teachers give you, these works would...

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