How To Get Proper Rest Essay

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Answers to Exercise C2-1 Thesis statements
1. a; b is too broad 2. a; b is too vague 3. b; a is too factual 4. a; b is too broad 5. b; a is too factual
Answers to Exercise C4-1 Topic sentences
Topic sentence: Quilt making has served as an important means of social, political, and artistic expression for women. Eliminate the following sentence: They used dyed cotton fabrics much like the fabrics quilters use today; surprisingly, quilters' basic materials haven't changed that much over the years.
Answers to Exercise W3-1 Active verbs
Possible revisions:
a. The Prussians defeated the Saxons in 1745. b. Ahmed, the producer, manages the entire operation. c. The video game programmers awkwardly paddled the sea kayaks. d. Emphatic and active; no change e. Protesters were shouting on the courthouse steps.
1. The monkey that had escaped from the zoo made a strange sound in the willow tree. 2. Her letter acknowledged the student's participation in the literacy program. 3. Emphatic and active; no change 4. The work of Paul Oakenfold and Sandra Collins influenced my choice of music for my
audition. 5. The only responsibility my parents gave me was putting gas in the brand-new Mitsubishi
they bought me my senior year.
Answers to Exercise S1-1 Parallelism
Possible revisions:
a. Police dogs are used for finding lost children, tracking criminals, and detecting bombs and illegal drugs.
b. Hannah told her rock climbing partner that she bought a new harness and that she wanted to climb Otter Cliffs.
c. It is more difficult to sustain an exercise program than to start one. d. During basic training, I was told not only what to do but also what to think. e. Jan wanted to drive to the wine country or at least to Sausalito.
1. Activities on Wednesday afternoons include fishing trips, dance lessons, and computer classes.
2. Arriving at Lake Powell in a thunderstorm, the campers found it safer to remain in their cars than to set up their tents.
3. The streets were not only too steep but also too narrow for anything other than pedestrian traffic.
4. More digital artists in the show are from the South Shore than from the North Shore.
Answer key for A Writer's Reference, 6th ed., by Diana Hacker (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2007).

5. To load her toolbox, Anika the Clown gathered hats of different sizes, put in two tubes of face paint, arranged a bundle of extra-long straws, added a bag of colored balloons, and tossed in a battery-powered hair dryer.
Answers to Exercise S2-1 Needed words
Possible revisions:
a. A good source of vitamin C is a grapefruit or an orange. b. The women entering VMI can expect haircuts as short as those of the male cadets. c. The driver went to investigate, only to find that one of the new tires had blown. d. The graphic designers are interested in and knowledgeable about producing posters for
the balloon race. e. Reefs are home to more species than any other ecosystem in the sea.
1. Very few black doctors were allowed to serve in the Civil War,...

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