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How To Give A Perfect Presentation Central Piedmont Community College Essay

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Jenny Hoang
Brent Smith
EFL 094: Comp IV
October 17, 2017
Giving A Perfect Oral Presentation
Many people may think it is unbelievable, but giving a speech changes the world. Nowadays, it is essential to have a good speaking skill. Speaking up is the most important thing that any person does to fight for human rights. Then, speaking can persuade other people or even change their mind. When they are persuaded, it means they understand what is right and wrong. However, it does not sound easy to get better at speaking in front of people. To give a perfect oral presentation, a good speaker should follow several steps.
Before a presentation, what a good speaker should do is prepare. An interesting presentation depends on what the speakers do before giving their speech. To begin a presentation, speakers must know their topic. They should make sure that the topic must be interesting, because catching the audience’s attention is important. After choosing a remarkable topic, an outline should be made. The outline will help the speakers know what they are going to say in each part of the presentation. Then, it is time to build up notecards. These are the key for remembering, organizing, and effectively using the outline. Instead of reading everything in the outline, notecards help the speech giver remember important ideas. For example, key words, quotes, years, numbers and things that are difficult to memorize should be noticed in notecards. Beside notecards, a PowerPoint presentation and visual aids are necessary for the presentation. To create PowerPoint slides that are helpful and efficient, the presenter had better keep in mind the 5/5/5 rule. It means no more than five words per line of text, five lines of text per slide, or five slides in a row. The PowerPoint must not have too much information. The listeners will not listen to the speaker because they try to read and write down what is in the PowerPoint. Next, practicing is an integral part of preparing for the presentation. The speaker can practice with his or her friends, family, teacher and even with a mirror. They make the speaker feel comfortable and may give her or him advice after listening to the presentation. Consequently, practicing with familiar people will help the speaker improve his or her speech and gain more confidence. Once the speaker completes practicing, he or she should relax. He or she should also eat well and get enough sleep. Thinking too much about how the presentation is going to be just puts the speaker into nervousness. The speaker should free his or her mind and stay positive. In addition, before the presentation day, the speaker should arrive early and dress confidently.
During the presentation, a good speaker should keep people’s interest. The name of the speaker and the topic are stated first. At the beginning of the topic, a hook must be used to catch the audience’s attention. The hook can be a question, a story, or a joke. Asking a question helps to get people’s...

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