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How To Get Away From Myopia For Teenagers

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Nowadays, since everything is developing, especially advanced technology and education, there is a dramatic trend that more young adults are getting myopia (Thomas). The disease, myopia, is getting a worldwide prevalence (Benuerman). In addition, As a study by the National Eye Institute suggests (NEI, a part of the federal government’s National Institutes of Health, established in1968 and located in Bethesda), that the prevalence of myopia for people who are in age 12 to 54 increases from 25 percent during 1971-1972 to 41.6 percent during 1999-2004 in the developed country, America (Bailey). Myopia is a global disease that is commonly called it nearsightedness or shortsightedness. People with myopia will be in a condition that eyes focus light in front of retina which cause the image unclear in the mind. The cause of this global problem can be elaborated in terms of both of genetic and environmental factors (Benuerman). Once young adults get myopia, it can be extremely hard for themselves to recover from it. They would wear glasses and once they forget or lose their glasses, the whole world they have would be unclear. In order to control this unsatisfactory event, there are different types of solutions such as getting a corrective laser surgery, taking a Chinese acupuncture or using an eyesight recovery machine. This essay will elaborate these solutions and then evaluate them by using a set of criteria such as time, cost and effect.
The first solution, to do a corrective laser surgery, is the most direct solution. It is because this solution could directly solve the source of the problem (Thompson). In fact, myopia is a disease which is caused by phacocele. The phacocele is a position that the centre of crystalline lens are bigger than before and cannot recover automatically (Medical-Dictionary). The corrective laser surgery is an operation that uses laser to cut some redundant crystalline lens making the light refract into our retina correctly. This operation is being carried out all over the world recently. Meanhile, there are many people who accept this new solution. For example, now every year in China, there are many students who expect to apply for a police training school, and one of the requirements of entering this kind of school is good eyesight. They only need to find a good hospital and get this corrective laser surgery done. Then they will gain perfect eyesight again after about one moth convalescence.
The second solution is to taking traditional Chinese medical treatment, acupuncture. According to Dr. Ma, a Chinese doctor who is majoring in acupuncture says, acupuncture is effective for myopia in the early stages (Ma). Chinese acupuncture is a magical treatment that uses special needles to thrust some particular acupoints to cure some diseases (Chang). During the treatment, acupuncturist thrust needles in patient’s skin in order to relax shortened muscles, reduce stress, while patient should be relaxed and in patience (Kresser).

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