How To Have The Perfect Breaststroke

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“You want to have purpose in every stroke you take during a swim, if you do this you will succeed.” Candace Pearson. This is what my coach said to me before my very last breaststroke race of the season last summer. What does this mean? you might ask. That’s exactly what I asked myself before I got into the water. There are many ways to have a perfect breaststroke.
Head position is one of the first things you need to know when talking about breaststroke. To resist the most water around the head area, you should keep your head at an approximate forty-five degree angle. You should also try to keep your chin down. We don’t want the chin up because that would make more skinned area for ...view middle of the document...

You keep your head down, butterfly kick, then kick, glide, shoot arms forward, and then start your regular swim. During every pullout you are allowed one butterfly kick. Butterfly kicks in an underwater pull- out are very important. Most people, while swimming breaststroke, often forget this key step in a pullout. The butterfly kick is important because it gets you a lot further ahead at the beginning. Also, you get a breaststroke kick and pull with every pull out. This is for you to get back up to the surface of the water and begin swimming.
Breaststroke turns are called open turns. To do an open turn there is a giddy saying that is used by most people to remember easily, how to execute a breaststroke turn, “Elbow your brother, call your mother.” This is because you push your left elbow back and move your right arm just over your ear, your head bent sideways, meeting your other arm and going into the streamline position. In an open turn the steps are: touch the wall with both of your hands, turn body sideways putting both feet onto the wall, pushing your left elbow back, right arm going over your ear, and then streamlining into your underwater pullout.
There are many different ways execute the breaststroke kick properly. There are many different rules as opposed to the three other strokes. In the breaststroke kick you almost look like you are kicking like a frog. This is because you rotate your foot outward, then rotate your hips, and then push your feet out and around, fully rotating the hips around. When you execute the breaststroke kick this way you will have a better chance of getting ahead in a race. This is how to have a great breaststroke kick.
There are so many things to learn about the breaststroke. An example is that, breaststroke is the third stroke in the individual medley,...

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