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How To Help Animal Euthanizing In Shelters

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According to the human society of the United States, there are more than 6-8 million animals checked into shelters each year. Out of this 6-8 million, 3-4 million of these animals are euthanized due to the over population of animals.
Animal euthanizing in shelters need to come to an end. Shelters are there to help people find their lost pets or give lost pets a new loving home, not to kill healthy animals that still have life left. A few ways to help end this is to make it a law to have animals spayed or neutered, to tax citizens to help fund shelters, or to have no cage shelters that are funded by fund raisers.
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A better solution for euthanizing in animal shelters would be to implement a tax on all citizens to fund shelters. The reason shelters have to euthanize animals is because they cannot afford to take care of them or they do not have room. With tax payer money, shelters can afford to expand and make room and can afford to buy food for animals that do not have homes yet. This is the best solution because people cannot get around this that easily. People cannot get around paying the taxes, because it is taken right out of pay checks like city taxes.
Animals in shelters are locked up in cages all day every day for years. This is no life for animals. Animals in cages become withdrawn from humans and become aggressive. Even if there are only no kill shelters, that doesn’t mean it is better. A way to end the euthanizing of animals and give them a better life would be to implement no cage shelters. No cage shelters give animals the room they need to roam and be happy. When they only know the cold of a cage they become cold themselves. No cage shelters would mean there would need to be staff at the shelters more often, however that would also help the animals to stay friendly and help the chances of them being adopted out again. So this would be the best solution to help animals all around from being euthanized, to helping get another home, to living a better life in a shelter if that is what their fate is for them. There would still need to be more funding for the workers to take care of the animals which can be done with fund raisers.
People might say making it a law to have your animals fixed would not work because not everyone can afford to fix their animals. If people...

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