How To Improve A High School Education

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Many high school students are no longer concerned about graduating. They have lost interest in school, and their grades prove it. Although grade averages and graduation rates have not declined too much in the past ten years, they have certainly not improved. High school education could be greatly improved by providing more activities for the students, less scantron and standardized testing, and more interaction between the students and teachers.
One way a high school education could be improved is by adding more interactive activities. Hands-on experience is one interactive activity that would improve a high school education. It is much more effective for the student to obtain ...view middle of the document...

By teachers focusing only on standardized test preparation, important information may not be taught to the students because it is not found on the test. Standardized testing is not as effective as it is meant to be. Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” What Einstein was saying is that not everyone has the same abilities and strengths, and just because they cannot do something that someone else can, does not mean that they are not smart. Issuing more in-class worksheets would be a more effective way of learning because it gives the students an opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the material they are learning.
More interaction and better communication between teachers and students would also help improve a high school education. After school help would provide a better education for the students by giving them a chance to reach out for extra help. This would allow the student to get help from the teacher on their trouble areas without the distraction of a full classroom. It also allows the teacher to focus on a certain subject until he/she knows that the student understands. Teachers could also motivate...

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