How To Improve School Systems Essay

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School Systems are Doing it Wrong
Nowadays children and teens aren’t getting the treatment they deserve in schools. With it running into several problems such as depression and suicidal influences, peer pressure, problems with testing, and not having the ability to apply knowledge learned in the classroom in the real world.Therefore; What matters most to student education is what teachers learn during professional development. This training should improve teachers knowledge of the subject matter that they are teaching, and that should enhance their understanding of the student thinking in that subject matter.
With depression being a sensitive topic, dealing with it is the same. A teacher can’t send them to a random person with a several degrees hanging on their wall, you haft to recommend them to someone who knows them inside and out, weathet that be another teacher, student, or counselor. Also, most students feel more comfortable telling their peers about their feelings so it would be better to have comfort over conformity.
Peer pressure is like depression, but a lot less sensitive. With peer pressure being hard to deal with it is with every student at some point in their life whether it be in kindergarten or high school, at some point in every child's life their are gonna haft to deal with peer pressure, and a way to help this problem is to not tell them, but show them the consequences. Get someone to volunteer their life story to tell the...

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