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How To Improve Your Memory Essay

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Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten your reason for going there? Have

you felt uneasy with an inability to recall someone’s name? Have you studied intensely

for a test and not managed to remember any of the information you thought you had

learned? Almost everyone deals with one or more of these problems, and just about

everyone could use some assistance with their memory. Our minds are similar to

computers, constantly receiving information, storing, and recalling that information when

necessary, but occasionally it appears as if our computer has run out of memory. Let’s

look at what we can do to assist our minds with storage and recall of the information we


We have all seen videos of an intoxicated person who is unable to recite the alphabet

when challenged by a policeman, proving that drinking alcohol in excess is

detrimental to memory, but studies have also shown that drinking moderately can

actually promote memory function.

A study done in France showed that light drinkers over the age of 65, who

drank up to two glasses of wine a day were 45 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s

disease than nondrinkers. In addition to memory loss from heavy drinking, stress,

anxiety, anger and prolonged sadness also adversely affect the parts of the brain that are

responsible for memory. Those with memory difficulties who do not consume alcohol

may perhaps be depressed.
Considering that an inability to concentrate is one of the main symptoms of

Franklin 2
depression, individuals who are diagnosed as having memory problems often are in
reality depressed. When a person is depressed the cortisol levels in their bloodstream
increase, which in turns elevates the cortisol levels in their brain. Cortisol reduces the
hippocampus in the brain and the hippocampus is where short-term memory is stored.
Extended periods of depression destroy the brain's ability to remember new information,
but exercise and certain medications have been found to jump-start cell growth in the
hippocampus bringing help for depression sufferers.
Exercise is not only excellent for your body, but is required for your brain to work
efficiently. When we are inactive on a routine basis, plaque builds up in our arteries,
causing blood vessels to lose the ability to effectively pump blood. In as much as the
brain relies on oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream, inactivity endangers the
brain's ability to adequately work. While undertaking exercise, say on a walk or jog you
might want to attempt the Visualization and Association technique for boosting
We have all heard the phrase “a picture's worth a thousand words”. Well,...

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